Ear Piercing*

We are proud to offer ear piercing services for established and visiting patients using the Blomdahl system available only in physician offices. We use a topical prescription-strength numbing cream for all ages, and Buzzy ™ medical distraction device for non-infant patients to diminish discomfort. We will pierce patients between ages 4-9 months old and 6 years and up. Patients must be up-to-date on tetanus immunization and we ask that you provide proof of immunization at your visit. We pierce patients of all ages and are happy to accommodate teens, adults, and seniors!

Single Piercing Fee: $50

Both Ears Fee: $100

Products & Services Disclaimer

*[Bee Well Pediatrics] is an independently owned and operated care center that may[promote, sell, or provide] [ear piercings]. Privia Medical Group is not responsible for these products or  services. Privia’s Authorization & Consent to Treat, Financial Policy and HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices are not applicable to these services or products.