Care Provided

We base all our patient services on a set of tried-and-true principles and values. We call it the Bee Well Philosophy, and it guides everything we do.

  • Our pediatricians and parents share the goal of healthy children.
  • Our pediatricians want to best serve the needs of children and their families.
  • Our pediatricians are experts in child health, but parents are experts about their children.
  • A team approach can best develop optimum physical, emotional, and developmental health for the child.
  • We believe in evidence-based medicine and a holistic approach to patient care.

Core Services

    • Pediatric well and sick visits
    • ADHD diagnosis and management
    • Asthma management
    • After hours phone calls for urgent questions/concerns
    • Sports physicals
    • Sprains/Strains
    • Splinting
    • Asthma evaluation/management
    • Nutrition Counseling
    • Concussion ImPACT testing
    • Hearing and vision screening for ages 3+
    • Vaccinations
    • Dermabond for simple lacerations
    • Splinting
    • Wart removal
    • Simple foreign body removal
    • Breathing treatments
    • RSV, flu, and strep testing
    • Urine testing
    • Ear piercings