Concussion Evaluation and Treatment

We offer state-of-the-art concussion evaluation and management tools to track recovery. Any concussion management system should encompass a thorough physical exam, balance and response time testing, and neurocognitive assessment. We have partnered with Sway balance testing and ImPACT neurocognitive testing to provide our patients with the most evidence-based concussion care available. We offer our patients the opportunity to establish baseline scores in both ImPACT and Sway modalities to use for comparison in case of injury. These statistically validated and FDA-approved tools are also used by Major League Soccer, Major League Baseball, NASCAR, and Formula 1 as well as sports trainers and school districts nationwide to help protect our student athletes.

We follow the CDC’s Heads Up concussion recovery protocol in partnership with guidelines established by school districts to ensure not only safe return to play timelines, but appropriate return to learn parameters. We welcome the opportunity to care for both established and visiting patients.

ADHD Evaluation and Treatment

We know that challenges in focus and impulse control can affect the dynamic of the entire household. Our initial ADHD visits are longer than standard sick visits to allow us time to explore the many contributory aspects of a child’s life both at home and at school. We offer both traditional and complementary approaches to ADHD management that involve whole-patient and whole-family care, and track progress with validated tools using feedback from parents and teachers.

To fill out the Parent/Teacher Vanderbilt Questionnaires, please click here.

Ear Piercing*

We are proud to offer ear piercing services for established and visiting patients using the Blomdahl system available only in physician offices. We use a topical prescription-strength numbing cream for all ages, and Buzzy ™ medical distraction device for non-infant patients to diminish discomfort. We will pierce patients between ages 4-9 months old and 6 years and up. Patients must be up-to-date on tetanus immunization and we ask that you provide proof of immunization at your visit. We pierce patients of all ages and are happy to accommodate teens, adults, and seniors!

Single Piercing Fee: $50

Both Ears Fee: $100

Products & Services Disclaimer

*[Bee Well Pediatrics] is an independently owned and operated care center that may[promote, sell, or provide] [ear piercings]. Privia Medical Group is not responsible for these products or  services. Privia’s Authorization & Consent to Treat, Financial Policy and HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices are not applicable to these services or products.

Care Provided

We base all our patient services on a set of tried-and-true principles and values. We call it the Bee Well Philosophy, and it guides everything we do.

  • Our pediatricians and parents share the goal of healthy children.
  • Our pediatricians want to best serve the needs of children and their families.
  • Our pediatricians are experts in child health, but parents are experts about their children.
  • A team approach can best develop optimum physical, emotional, and developmental health for the child.
  • We believe in evidence-based medicine and a holistic approach to patient care.

Core Services

    • Pediatric well and sick visits
    • ADHD diagnosis and management
    • Asthma management
    • After hours phone calls for urgent questions/concerns
    • Sports physicals
    • Sprains/Strains
    • Splinting
    • Asthma evaluation/management
    • Nutrition Counseling
    • Concussion ImPACT testing
    • Hearing and vision screening for ages 3+
    • Vaccinations
    • Dermabond for simple lacerations
    • Splinting
    • Wart removal
    • Simple foreign body removal
    • Breathing treatments
    • RSV, flu, and strep testing
    • Urine testing
    • Ear piercings