Food Buyer’s Guide to Health and Wellness

by Jessica Morgan, MD

Whole, real, fresh food is the most powerful medicine you can use to prevent, treat, and reverse chronic illnesses. As a consumer of groceries, what you buy has an impact on agriculture, energy consumption, the environment, politics, the economy, and your biology. The more demand there is for clean and healthy food, the cheaper and more available it will become. You have the opportunity every time you make a purchase to be part of the change towards a healthier you, a healthier family, a healthier community, a healthier world.

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Families That Eat Together, Stay Healthy Together: Why making family meal time a top priority is good for kids and their long term health.

Jessica Morgan, MD

It’s no longer news that obesity and all its related chronic diseases are plaguing the US and a good portion of the rest of world. The U.S. has the highest rates of overweight and obesity of all high income countries. Currently 30% of the American population is classified as obese. By 2030, it is estimated that this rate will be closer to 50%. Obesity now affects children in alarming amounts. Roughly 20% of U.S. children ages 2-19 years are obese. These statistics effect us all in ways you may not think of- close to 30% of young people in the U.S. are now too heavy to q...Read more

Say Buzz Off to Mosquitos This Summer

by Dr. Jessica Morgan, MD

Summertime in Texas brings longer, sunnier days, countless outdoor activities, and those relentless mosquitos! Here’s how to reduce your chances of becoming a mosquito buffet and what to do to bring relief to annoying, painful, and itchy bites. Mosquitos can carry and spread deadly diseases such as West Nile Virus, so it’s important to know how to protect yourself and your family from the pesky critters.

Prevention can include use of repellents such as these described below:

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Insect Repellents: FAQ’s

Mosquito bites are itchy, sometimes painful, but most of the time a little hydrocortisone cream or Benadryl will do the trick. Unfortunately our pesky summertime guests can carry and spread diseases, like West Nile Virus. The most effective way to avoid West Nile virus disease is to prevent mosquito bites. The dark green states in the map below have had cases of West Nile reported this year.

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A Day in the Sun

While it may not be a smart idea for Olaf, it’s good for children and adults to spend time playing and exercising outdoors.  It’s important to protect our skin while enjoying time in the sun. While those with darker skin coloring tend to be less sensitive to the sun, everyone is at risk for sunburn and its associated disorders. Children especially need to be protected from the sun’s burning rays, since most sun damage occurs in childhood. Li...Read more