Monthly Archives: January 2014

Top Ten Tips for Breastfeeding Success

Do get your baby on the breast within the “golden hour”, the first hour after birth. Speak with your OB or Midwife about putting this in your birth plan. Even with a C-section, this is still realistic. Do room in … Read more

Nursing in Public: Know Your Rights!

Can you imagine spending hundreds on bras in Victoria’s Secret, then being asked to go to “a nearby alley” to nurse your baby? How about being surrounded by Target employees and publicly shamed for nursing your hungry infant? Both of … Read more

Pacifiers: How and When to Break the Habit

Pacifiers are not necessary, but can be helpful—they reduce the risk of SIDS until 6 months of age and can give even a nursing mother a break every now and then. However, if used too long, they can lead to … Read more

Why get a flu vaccine?

Why get a flu vaccine? Many people put off or avoid getting protected from flu because of misconceptions about the vaccine and about influenza in general. Here are a few common myths, with correct information provided by the CDC about … Read more

“I’m fine! I don’t need to go to the doctor!”

Most parents know that they need to bring their children in for immunizations, but often neglect the routine yearly well checks during non-required immunization years. You may wonder why we need to see your healthy child every year. What are … Read more